Lucas was diagnosed with kidney failure in March this year, at age 27. Since then, he has been on peritoneal dialysis four times a day. He needs a kidney transplant as soon as possible, as this is his only hope of survival. His family is now fundraising to make this possible. Thank you for browsing our site and for helping if you feel moved to do so and are able.

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Lucas has had a meaningful impact on so many lives – here are some words from those close to him:
Vernon Swart

Vernon Swart


“As Lucas’ father I feel an overwhelming need to support and protect him in any way I can. It is very frustrating and heartbreaking to see your child struggling, as he is. Lucas is also more than a child of ours. He is a huge asset to society. He is gentle, kind, highly creative, hard-working and strong. Now he needs all the help he can get.”

Lucy Kruger

Lucy Kruger


“I moved to Cape Town five years ago. I had just finished university and wanted to be a musician but had no friends and no band and no idea how to find either. I had never met Lucas but knew of him and knew he was a very talented and diverse musician who sang and played both guitar and drums. At some point I finally worked up the courage to go talk to him after watching him playing a show with his band then, The Pretty Blue Guns. It was terrifying to be so bold and I will forever be grateful for his gentle and generous reaction.
He quite simply said yes, he would be happy to help. And he did. As a musical guide and companion, but far more importantly, as a fiercely loyal and loving friend. He brought me into the community that I now call family and allowed me the space to grow as an individual and an artist. He is a brilliant, kind and creative creature and the beauty that he brings to the world is nuanced and utterly necessary. A gift that I will never take for granted.”

Andre Leo

Andre Leo


“Lucas has been one of my closest friends for the larger part of my existence. He has had a major positive impact on the way I live and how I see the world.
His love for music, art and all things beautiful is exceeded only by his love for those close to him.
His patience, compassion, acceptance and genuine interest in those around him is a quality that is inspiring and humbling.
I truly believe he can achieve anything he puts his mind to, be it in art, business or in his relationships with others.
The strength with which he has handled this horrible sickness has been nothing but amazing. But I would expect nothing less.
In a world that’s often cold, hard, closed-off and driven by numbers, we need people like Lucas. We need them to remind us that life is also full of warmth, tenderness and kindness.”


We will write regular updates on our progress towards the kidney transplant. If you would like to receive these please sign up on the sign up page.
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Update about Lucas

Last week was a blend of blessings and challenges. Lucas was adapting to very high phosphorus levels in his blood. Hence he had removed dairy and eggs from his diet. Not so cool, though he’s Read more…

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