Lucas (second from right) performs with Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys at Café Roux, Cape Town.

Last week was a blend of blessings and challenges. Lucas was adapting to very high phosphorus levels in his blood. Hence he had removed dairy and eggs from his diet. Not so cool, though he’s loving cream and coconut milk on his granola. Turns out the phosphorus is not in the cream, but in the rest of the milk.

Now they allow him a bit more potassium containing foods. That means after 8 months he can have a little bit of avo and a slice of tomato now and then, which he’s so happy about. It’s easier for him to eat balanced meals with a bigger variety of veggies.
Did you know that almost all of the healthiest foods – veggies and fruit – are high in potassium? Cutting those is also a paradox in terms of overall health, as they contain the best anti-oxidants, which one needs to heal. Healthy kidneys filter out excess potassium, salt and phosphorus and if concentrations of these minerals increase in your blood you have serious trouble. So he has to be very careful. This leads to high urea levels and itchy skin, which is difficult.

He also had painful joints, which was sorted out by cortisone. On Friday we had good news that his phosphorus levels had come down, so that was really cool. Urea levels remains very high though. He’s determined to hold down his job in IT and making music, his passion. On Friday evening he played, as usual, with his best friends in Lucy and the Lost Boys in Cape Town. It was awesome. He is such a brave person. He will not allow the illness to defeat him.

I am chronically in awe of the support we are receiving from all over. I cannot single out specific people, for every single donation makes it easier for us to get the best possible care on the path towards the kidney transplant. But what moves me more than anything is to see his friends and other young folk, who are not earning much yet, dig deep into their pockets to help. Thank you angels – every donation is received with utmost gratitude. I know what it takes to reach out when things are perhaps not easy for you either. Then there’s my friend Thomas and his family from Germany – thank you so much for helping a complete stranger. Dankeschön.

We are doing our best to thank everyone individually. We are unable to thank those who have made deposits into the SA savings account, as we don’t have those contact details. One precious angel from Stellenbosch has completely bowled me out with her kindness. Thank you Cindi. Others sent encouraging notes with beautiful messages. Fans of Dangerfields have helped. An organic farmer has now offered the healthiest produce. Friends are reaching out.

We’ve had offers of fundraisers from a few people. What solid kindness there is in the world. How the world needs this now. There is always grace with the grit and you have proven what I have always believed – that humans are essentially good. Thank you!

By Elma Pollard

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